Women We Love Wednesdays: DJ Elle Dee dominates NYC nightlife

DJ Elle Dee(Photo : Zimbio)

It’s no secret that women can rock just as hard, if not harder, than men. But there seems to be a disparity when it comes to their representation in the music industry. They are topping the charts but barely getting any slots at big name festivals. To do what we can to celebrate these women and give them the positive recognition they deserve, each week Music Times will introduce you to a female in the music industry whom we love.

Singer-songwriters, rappers, DJs, producers, filmmakers, and any woman who is part of the music industry is fair game for this segment. So read on, and get to know the women who continue to wow us. This week we’d like to show off …

Name: DJ Elle Dee
Age: 29
Profession: DJ
From: São Paulo, Brazil/New York

Why We Love Her: She is a rockstar when it comes to playing music for a group of people looking to party. Having started out as a drummer, she has a real sense for beat and plays everything from hip-hop to house with the occasional Clash and New Order throwback. She’s opened for The Dead Weather, The Black Keys, Guns N’ Roses and Courtney Love, just for starters, so she must be doing something right.

Background: She began playing drums at a young age but began DJing at friends’ rock parties back in Brazil, back when only vinyl was used. When she moved to New York, she didn’t think it would end up being her career. About the first time she knew she wanted to make being a DJ into a career she told Refinery 29,”I feel like it was the first time that I had a packed dance floor. I actually remember the exact moment when it first happened. Seeing every person in the room having a good time – dancing with their hands up, smiling, and looking at me – that moment is still priceless. Also, working with all these great people — from clients to other DJs — and getting to learn with them everyday makes all the hard work, all the late nights worth it.”

Fun Facts: She has a side gig as a model

What Now: You can catch Dee spinning at New York’s premiere clubs and venues. Herresidencies include: Electric Room at The Dream Hotel, The Standard Hotel’s Boom Boom Room & Le Bain, Le Baron NY; Le Tigre Paris, and Tao Downtown.

Check out some of her mixes here, and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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